By default when you upload Photos into your Photo Library or create new Photo Albums, they are entirely private to you. However, they can be easily shared with others.

Sharing your Photo Album and Photo Library

By changing the Share Control on your Photo Albums, you can show your Photo Albums to others. If you show the Photo Album Publicly anyone can view your Photo Album, whether or not they have a Keep&Share account. You can share your Photo Album with a few limited friends who also have Keep&Share accounts. When you share your photos with your friends, you can also give your friends the option to contribute Photos to your Photo Albums and account. There is also the option of sharing all of your photos at once in bulk.

Learn more about sharing Photo Albums and sharing your Photo Library.

There is also the option for Visitors to download your Photos or even entire Photo Albums as long as you and the Visitors to your account have paid Keep&Share accounts.

Linking to your Photos and Photo Albums

As long as your Photos or Photo Albums have been shared publicly, you can also share individual links to your Photos and Photo Albums. These links can be posted anywhere on the internet.

Your Photos and Photo Albums can also be embedded into your website or you can embed a single picture with a pop-up image link.