When you upload Photos into Keep&Share, they can be stored in one or both areas: the Photo Library and Photo Albums. The Photo Library holds all of the photos that you have uploaded together in one group. Photo Albums, in turn, are collections of photos that you’ve grouped together. Photos can be in more than one album. Deleting a photo from an album does not delete it from your Photo Library. Conversely, deleting a photo from the Photo Library removes it from all Photo Albums.

The “Photo Albums” tab is organized on three levels: Folder Sets (which hold many Folders), Folders (which can hold many Photo Albums), and Photo Albums (which can hold many Photos). To view a Photo Album, click on the Photo Folder Set and then the Folder in which the Photo Album is contained. To exit from Photo Album viewing, click on a different Folder in the Navigator.

Learn more about Photo Album Viewing Styles and editing Photo Albums.