The Photo Library gives you access to all Photos uploaded into your account. Each uploaded Photo exists just once in your account, and each Photo can have a text title, and text description, and keywords. Add Photos to your library by using the Upload Photos command.

Once a Photo is in your library, it can be placed in as many Photo Albums as you like. Photos can also be inserted into other Keep&Share applications such as Calendars and Documents.

Photo Library

Click on the "Photo Library” tab in the Navigator to access your Photo Library, which gives you access to your entire photo collection:

You can add Photos to a Photo Album by creating a new Photo Album and then selecting the pictures you want to add from your library to your album. You can also insert Photos into an existing Photo Album from your Photo Library.

Free Keep&Share accounts are allowed 500 uploaded Photos and Paid Account are allowed 70,000 uploaded Photos.

Allow Others to View and Download Your Photos

By default, your Photo Albums are entirely private to you, but they can be easily shared with others. The people you share with do not need their own Keep&Share accounts if you set your Share Control topublic. Friends can upload Photos into your account when you give them access. Learn more about sharing your Photos.

Note: If you want to allow others to download photos or entire Photo Albums from your account, you will need a Paid Account.