The Team Account is specifically designed for group accounts. It provides easy central setup and administration, group branding, high-performance central capacity in the group account for all Team members to share, and the highest level of features for all Team members. Each Team account can have a different number of user accounts that are attached to the account plan.

If you have a Team Account with Keep&Share, you can use the Team Console to manage your accounts. This will include adding or creating new accounts that are associated with your Team Account.

Note: You only have access to the Team Console if you are the “Master Account” for a Team account.

Accessing the Team Account Team Console

To access the Team console, you can click on the User Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. After you click on the icon a pop-up dialog will appear and then you can click on the "Team Console" button. See the image below:

Adding new accounts to your Team account

Once you have accessed your Team Console, you can create or add new accounts to your Team account. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have clicked on the “OK” button an email will be sent to the person you have added as an account to the Team Account. They will receive an email with an account login link as well as a temporary password and Account Name. They will have the option to change both of these once they have logged into their new account.

How can I add an already existing free account to my Team Plan?

If you want to add an already-existing free Keep&Share account so it is on your Team plan, just send us an email to

Learn more about managing existing accounts.