The “Home Application” is where you can choose the first screen you want to see when you log into your Keep&Share account. For example, what if there is an important application that you have created in Keep&Share (ex. ToDo list, Calendar, Word Document) that you need to check on daily? By choosing that application as your Home Application, you can see that application as soon as you log into your account.

We used to configure all new accounts to have the Dashboard as their home screen by default. We currently configure almost all new accounts to have their Calendar as their home screen.

Note: If you are using a mobile device, then you'll need to switch to desktop view before you can follow these steps.

Choosing your Home Application

When you log in to your account, Keep&Share automatically lists the Dashboard as your “first screen”. You can change your first screen by clicking on the drop-down menu after the “First screen after login” text and selecting which application you wish to change it to. Follow the steps in the image below:

If you have selected a Calendar as the new Home Application you can also choose which exact Calendar View it will show you, e.g., a “7 days a week” month view.

Note: When you choose a Calendar and a Calendar View as your Home Application, these settings will override your choice of Default Calendar View when you are in the Calendar’s “Customize” screen. Learn more about setting your default Calendar View.
Note: If you have a Team account it is possible that the master account for your Team has chosen the Home Application for you. If this is the case, you will need to contact the holder of the master account and ask that they change the Home Application for Team members in the Team Console.