Your “User Profile” is personal information that you show publicly on Keep&Share, like your Account Name, first and last name, and location.

The first last name you specify for yourself will be displayed to Visitors to your Keep&Share account. It is useful to have full, accurate names in these fields because Keep&Share staff can then use the name fields to look up lost accounts (e.g. if in the future you forget your account name you can email to ask them to look up your account by name).

You also have the option of listing or changing the city, state, and country. This information is helpful when you have other friends on Keep&Share who want to add you as a friend. By listing your location, friends can be certain that they have found the right Account Name in the Keep&Share Friend Finder.

Editing your User Profile

Once you click on the blue “Change your user profile” link you will then see a pop-up dialog. Here you can change your first and last name on your Keep&Share account. Both first and last names are required for all accounts, but any location information is optional.

Learn more about changing your Account Name.