It is easy to transfer your account so another user is the new owner. Follow these steps at a minimum:

  1. Give your login password to the new owner.
  2. New owner adds their email to the account and verifies it.
  3. New owner removes the old owner’s email in the Email Settings.


If you have a paid account, be sure to remove your credit card from the account.

Once you have given the new owner your login information (including password and the Account Name) the new owner should log in and do the following:

  1. Update user profile: the new owner should update the first and last name and other user information on the account. Learn more about editing your User Profile.
  2. Update credit card: if the account has an upgraded account, the new owner should enter their credit card information. This way the card is on file so the subscription can be automatically renewed when the current term expires.
  3. Enter the new owner's email: The new owner should add their email address to the account. This is important because otherwise, they will not be able to use the Forgot Password command if they need to. They will need to verify their new email address.
  4. Remove the old owner's email: once the new owner’s email address is entered and verified, they can delete your email address from the Email Settings.