Sometimes you may find that you want to password protect a document, calendar, or photo album on your account so that only certain people can access your information using a single, easy login. The way to do this is through a “shared” login.

A “shared login” is a free, Basic account that you can create with a unique password and account name that you can give out to anyone. Then, all you need to do is shared your document, calendar, etc. with this free account and anyone with the login information for this free account can view your information.

For example, let's say your account name is “johnsmith.” To create a shared login, do the following:

  1. Create a free Basic account and choose the password and the login name (ex. login name is “johnsmith_friends”).
  2. Share your calendar, document, folder, etc. with your free account (ex. “johnsmith_friends”)
  3. Email a link to the information that you want to share to the people you want to share it with. Tell them the user name and the password to log in with when they are prompted in order to see your information.
Note: Free accounts cannot give or receive Edit Rights in the Calendar application, but some other applications within Keep&Share will allow Edit Rights in a free account.