Reminders are essentially a specialized form of Notifications for Events and To Do Lists that you can send and use to remind yourself and others of important time-sensitive information.

Event Reminders are a way to notify you and anyone your Calendar is shared with or anyone who shares their Calendar with you of any upcoming events. You can set up Event Reminders for a specific event on your Calendar.

Task reminders are a way of notifying you about upcoming start or due dates on individual Tasks. You will need to set a start date and/or a due date for a Task before you can set up a reminder.

Using Event and Task Reminders

Like Notifications, you can receive reminders by email, text, or both. Unlike Notifications, where you change the Email Settings to receive Notifications by email or text, Event and Task Reminders are modified within the Event in your Calendar and within the To Do List.

When you set up a Reminder, you can send that Reminder to: only you, to you and all the Friends you have shared your Calendar with, or to Friends and Share Groups that you select.

Example of Event Reminders editor

Example of Task Reminders editor

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Both Notifications and Reminders are based on what time zone you have selected for your Keep&Share Account. Be sure to check that you have the right time zone listed in order to receive Event Reminders and Notifications on time. Learn how to change your Time Zone.