Keep&Share automatically sends you Notifications of freshly shared and/or updated information in friends’ accounts that is specifically shared with your Account Name.

However, if the information is shared with the “Public” and your Account Name is not on the Share List, you will not receive a notification until you “Subscribe” to that other account. Subscribing tells Keep&Share to “please notify me of Public shares.”

How to Subscribe to other accounts

You can Subscribe to other Keep&Share accounts by adding them as Friends. In Keep&Share there is a function that you can use to search Keep&Share for other users. You can search by first and last name, email address, and Account Name. Learn more about adding Friends.

After you have added someone as a Friend you can go to your "Account Settings" and then go to the "Public Notifications" dialog to subscribe to your friend's account. Follow the steps in the image below:

After you click on the blue "Public Notifications" link a new dialog will pop up. From here you can add the account name of the person that you want to subscribe to in the blank text field. See the image below:

To block Notifications from a particular person that you Subscribe to or block your Notifications from someone who Subscribes to you, learn more about managing your Notifications.

Managing your Subscription

We also make it easier to manage your own Subscription to Keep&Share. You can manage your subscription plan in your Account Settings.