Keep&Share gives you maximum control over all of the content that you create in your account. It is up to you whether your content is shared with all of the public, with a few select friends and Share Groups, or only with yourself. The Share Control is the interface that lets you manage the share settings of all of your information in Keep&Share, including Calendars, Documents, Photo Albums, and more.

In order to share with others in Keep&Share, you will need to add people to your Share List. You can do this by typing either a name, Account Name or email address in the Blank Sharing Field. The Blank Sharing Field is a blank text field labeled “Type in a name or email address here” and is located above your Share List in the Share Control.

Using the Blank Sharing Field

The Blank Sharing Field lets you search for other Keep&Share users by their Account Name, email address, group, or first and last name. Simply click in the text field and start typing your search terms. Once you've found the Keep&Share user you're looking for, just click on the name (or Account Name) in your Blank Sharing Field to add it to your Share List.

Feel like you're searching for your friends and coworkers in the Blank Sharing Field too often? You can add that person to your Friends List or a Share Group for easy access in the future.