Keep&Share gives you many options for managing what information you share as well as who you share it with. There are three Share Statuses that your information can have: Private, Limited, and Public. By default only you will be able to see any new information (Calendars, Files, etc.) that you create on Keep&Share. If there is information that you do not want to share publicly you can share that information privately with select Friends, Share Groups, Team Members that you’ve added to your account. 

Using the Share Control panel in the pop-up “Share” dialog, you can choose who you share your files with by editing your Share List. To access your Share Control follow the steps in the image below:

Once your Share Control is open, the image below is an example of what your Share Control will look like. The people that you have shared your files with will appear in your Share List. You can add people to your Share List by typing in the Account Name or email address of the person you want to share with in the “Type in a name or email address here” text field or by clicking on the "Add Friends" button next to that text field.


The “Friends List” is a list of Keep&Share Account Names that you want to “keep at your fingertips” to make it easy to share with them and/or Visit their accounts. Learn more about the Friends List.

Share Groups

If you share information repeatedly with the same set of friends, you can save time by creating a “Share Group.” Share groups can include an unlimited number of users and can be used again and again to share many Files, Photo Albums, and other Keep&Share information. Learn more about Share Groups.


“Teams” are Keep&Share accounts that allow multiple members to manage the information under one account. A Team account has a maximum number of “seats” or slots allowed for additional members that are all managed under one “master account.” Learn more about Teams.

Invite a Friend

The “Invite a Friend” command allows your friends to create free Keep&Share logins. Each friend receives an email telling them you want to share information with them. Learn more about Invite a Friend.

Changing the Share Control

When you change the Share Control for a file, it will only apply to the current file you are editing. You will have to access each file in your account individually to change the Share Control.

Public Sharing: Sharing with anyone on the internet

When you share “Publicly” your information will be accessible to anyone in the world who has the URL. This information will be accessible whether or not an individual has a Keep&Share account and without that individual having to log into Keep&Share. When your Sharing is set to “Public” it will look like the Share Control below:

In order for Calendars embedded on websites to work, your Calendar sharing will need to be set to “Public.”

Private Sharing: Share a live copy of your Calendar with select K&S users

If you would like to share a live copy of your Calendar with only a select group of people, you can choose to share with specific people. This would include and Friends, Team Members, or Share Groups on your Share List.

Your Share List consists of Keep&Share users (individuals or groups) that you choose to add to the Share List. For more information on building and using your Share List, visit this solution page.

Note: In order to maintain the privacy of Limited Sharing, members of your Share List are limited to Keep&Share users only.

Not Shared: Only you can see it

If you would like to keep your Calendar completely private online, you can set (or keep) your Share Status as “Sharing is NOT SET” by not checking any selections in the Share Control.

Offline Sharing: Create a PDF version of your Calendar to share it as a file

No matter what your Share Status is, you can also create a PDF version of your Calendar with the print dialog, and send this to anyone, even if they don't have a Keep&Share account.

To learn more about the options available to those who visit your shared Calendar, check out our Calendar Visitors solutions page.