In Keep&Share, you are always in control of what you share, how you share, and who you share your information with. By default, no one can see (or visit) your applications (Calendars, Photo Albums, Documents, etc.) unless you change the share settings — it always starts out set to “private”.

To share your applications (ex. Documents, Calendars, Photo Albums, etc.), you will need to change the settings in your information’s Share Control, which can always be accessed by clicking on the gray “Share” button in the blue bar at the top of your screen. The “Share” button will always be located in the blue bar, no matter what application you are in.

  • Sharing is NOT SET: Your calendar is completely private, no one outside of your account can access it.
  • Sharing is Private: Your calendar can be accessed only by those specified on your Share List
  • Sharing is Public: Your calendar is accessible to anyone online.

All user information in Keep&Share is completely private to you unless you choose to share it with others.