Sharing is Keep&Share’s most powerful and unique feature:

  • Each user is always in complete control over what is shared with whom in their account.
  • Every item in Keep&Share has its own Share Settings and can have different settings.
  • Items can be shared “view only” or you can share them so others also have the right to “edit” the shared information.

There are two aspects to sharing:

  1. Whether another user can access information in your account.
  2. Whether another user is automatically notified of new information in your account.


When you create any new information in your account (Calendars, Files, etc.) by default all of your information will be private so that only you can view it. Other people can only view your information after you explicitly set the Share Control. You can choose to share your information with only a limited set of people or all of the public. When another user accesses the information you have shared, they are said to be visiting your account. See the image below for learning how to access your Share Control:

In Keep&Share there are three types of people that you can share with: Friends, Share Groups, and Team Members. Friends are individuals with Keep&Share accounts that you want to share with. Share Groups are reusable groupings of friends so that it is easy to share information with this group again and again. Individual Friends can be added to Share Groups. Team Members are a specialized Share Group that includes all of the members within your Team Account.

When you share an item in your account with someone, you are giving that person access to that item. This person can have “view only” rights or “edit rights.” Edit Rights will give a Visitor to your account the ability to edit the information that you are sharing with that person. See the image below:


Any time that a Visitor views, edits, or comments on anything in your account, a Notification will be generated and will appear on your Dashboard if you have checked the box next to "Notifications" or next to the names of individuals you want to receive Notifications from in the Share Control. Similarly, you are automatically notified whenever your friends have made changes to items they shared with you. See the image below:

Learn more about Notifications.