Your “Share Page” is your custom landing page where others can “visit” your shared information in your Keep&Share account. Visitors to this page are shown only the items they are allowed to see according to how you have set the sharing on your Documents, Calendars, Photo Albums, and more.

Note: In order for Visitors to be able to see any items that you have linked from your Share Page, you must set the Share Control to those items to “Public.” Otherwise, those Visitors will need to log into their own Keep&Share account to see the items that you have shared with them.

On your Share Page, you can create a “Welcome Page” as the first page your Visitors will see. You have complete control over the appearance of this page where you can choose the background color, add photos, and a create custom message from you that may have any directions you need to give to Visitors.

Unique Share Page URL

Every Keep&Share account has a built-in Share Page that can be accessed with a URL that includes your Account Name. Your Account Name (the same name that you use to log into your account) will be listed as the first part of the Share Page URL. See the example below:

This unique URL will be listed at the top of your Share Page settings located in the “My Account” section in your Account Settings

Learn more about My Share Page.