The Self-Book feature lets someone viewing your Calendar sign up for an Event on your Calendar, suggest an Event, or reserve a chunk of time on your Calendar. The Self-Book templates can be applied to Calendars or specific Events. When a Visitor books an Event on your Calendar, they fill out a Self-Book Form that sends you information about the visitor and the Event they are booking. When you customize a Self-Book Template, you are able to choose a Self-Book Form to use with the template.

There are already four free starter Self-Book Forms in your account — each corresponds with one of the four types of Self-Book Templates (Appointment, Make a Reservation, Group Sign Up, and Suggest an Event).

You also can create your own custom-created Self-Book Form to have more control over the information visitors need to provide — click here to learn how to create your own custom forms.

Learn more about Self-Book in the Setting up Self-Book solutions folder.