If you have a series of repeating events such as a class or lecture you can allow your event attendees to sign up for the whole series of events at once using "Self-Book." In the custom Self-Book templates for the "Book an Appointment" and "Group Sign-Up" you have an option to turn your Self-Book event into a multiple-day event signup.

If you would like to set up repeating Self-Book events first determine if you would like your series of Events to have a shared sign-up list, or to have separate sign-up lists. If for instance, you have a series of consecutive training classes that build upon the previous week's skills, you would want the use a shared sign-up list so the same group of people attends each class. On the other hand, if you are scheduling a series of lectures that different groups of people can attend, you would want to use separate sign-up lists.

First what you will need to do is create a custom Self-Book template with the "Book for multiple days" option turned on. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have the custom Self-Book template editor open you will need to make sure that the "Request Type" is either "Signup" or "Appointment." You will then need to make sure that the "Book for multiple days" option is checked. See the image below:

Once you have created your custom Self-Book template you will need to create a repeating series of events and add your new Self-Book template to it. See the image below:

As soon as you have created your repeating Self-Book event you will see the repeating events on your calendar. Only the first event in the series will have the "Sign Up" link for your visitors to sign up. When someone signs up for an event in this series, their sign-up will appear in every Event in this series.