While keeping track of information about your Events & participants in the “Self-Book” Dashboard, you can use the “Review Bookings” panel to export participant data from bookings as a .CSV file — with this exported file, you could even create email lists for each of type of “Self-Book” template submitted to you. You can export your participant data from the “Review Bookings” panel and the “Review Details” dialog in your Calendar.

Exporting Data from your “Review Bookings” Panel

First, open your “Self-Book” Dashboard by clicking on the “Self-Book” Dashboard icon next to the “Calendars” tab in the Navigator. You can then go on to review individual Calendar bookings by clicking on the blue “Review” links on the right-hand side of your Starter “Self-Book” Templates and Customized “Self-Book” Templates sections in the “Self-Book” Dashboard. This will open up that template’s “Review Bookings” panel.

Once you click on the blue “Export List” link a .CSV file (a standard spreadsheet file format) will start downloading to your computer. You can open this file in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet software of your choice.

If you'd like to see all of the signup form details your visitors submitted when they booked your event, you can also drill down in your "Review Bookings" panel. This allows you to see the form details without having to export your bookings. Follow the steps in the image below:

When you drill down to a specific template in your "Review Bookings" panel, you can further drill down in your bookings by clicking on the event name, the calendar, booking date, and more.