Yes! The Booking Processing feature lets you decide whether you allow “overlapping” bookings, or if you want “conflict detection” which stops people from being able to add an Event during a time that already has an Event in it. Our "Accept with no Conflict" booking processing option allows events to be automatically accepted to your calendar unless there's already a booking at the same time and date. You can also use it to hold any pending booking made to your Calendar from posting until you approve it. 

There are four types of Booking Processing:

  • Hold for Approval - This will show your bookings as "Pending" in the "Review Bookings" panel. Visitors can continue to keep submitting bookings for your event until you approve one of the bookings.
  • Always Accept - The booking is always automatically accepted and the status will show as "Accepted" in the "Review Bookings" panel.
  • Accept with No Conflict - The booking will be approved automatically as soon as it's submitted, but only if there isn't another event that conflicts with the time and date that the booking has been submitted to.
  • Reserve for Approval - When the booking is submitted, the event will be held as "Reserved" for the person that submitted it. The booking hasn't been approved yet, but it keeps the booking closed until the booking has been "Accepted" or "Rejected." Unlike the "Hold for Approval" visitors can't keep submitting bookings.

Booking Processing is one of the many options available for Customized “Self-Book” Templates.

Our conflict detection feature detects all booking conflicts within the next 365 days, even when the conflicts are with events in a repeating schedule. It also works for forms submitting all-day events (i.e., events that do not have a specified time or duration). 

With this feature you can choose whether you’d like your Calendar to accept bookings automatically or upon your review and approval. To set up Booking Processing, go to the “Self-Book” Dashboard, click on the “Add New ‘Self-Book’ Template” button, and select your choice of “Self-Book” Template Type. 

To turn on "Accept with No Conflict" booking processing following the steps int he image below:

Once you have chosen your type of Book Processing you can go to your "Review Bookings" panel and then see the status of your individual bookings and then change the status if you need to.

Note: Customized “Self-Book” Templates are only available in the full “Self-Book” subscription.