Yes! The Booking Processing feature lets you decide whether you allow your events to be automatically accepted or if they are listed as "pending" until they are approved. Booking Processing is one of the many options available for Customized “Self-Book” Templates.

There are three types of Booking Processing:

  • Always Accept - The booking is always automatically accepted and the status will show as "Accepted" in the "Review Bookings" panel.
  • Reserve spot for Approval - When the booking is submitted, the event will be held as "Reserved" for the person that submitted it. The booking hasn't been approved yet, but it will hold that spot as closed until the booking has been "Accepted" or "Rejected." Unlike the "Hold for Approval," visitors can't keep submitting bookings for that event. In the event of a "Group Signup" template, this means that if the capacity of the event is 15, then the event will reserve no more than 15 bookings submitted to the calendar. "Reserve spot for Approval" will also check for overlapping and conflicting events when the booking is submitted. In the case of "Book an Appointment" and "Suggest an Event" templates the submitted booking will be added to the calendar.
  • Hold for Approval - This will show your bookings as "Pending" in the "Review Bookings" panel. Visitors can continue to keep submitting bookings for your event until you approve one of the bookings. This processing type is helpful if you want to accept a lot of bookings, choose the bookings that you approve, and then contact the remaining submissions so that they can be rescheduled to another date/time. "Hold for Approval" will not automatically add events to your calendar or detract from the capacity of an event.

If you want to have conflict detection turned on for your calendar for all types of processing, learn how to prevent overlapping events. Our conflict detection feature detects all booking conflicts within the next 365 days, even when the conflicts are with events in a repeating schedule. It also works for forms submitting all-day events (i.e., events that do not have a specified time or duration). 

To set up Booking Processing preference, go to the “Self-Book” Dashboard, click on the “Add Template” button, and select your choice of “Self-Book” Template Type. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have chosen your type of Book Processing you can go to your "Review Bookings" panel and then see the status of your individual bookings and then change the status if you need to. Learn more about booking statuses.

Note: Customized “Self-Book” Templates are only available in the full “Self-Book” subscription.

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