Yes — you will use the “Review Bookings” panel in the “Self-Book” Dashboard to accept/reject bookings, and also to review the details of individual bookings.

Using the “Review Bookings” Panel

First, open your “Self-Book” Dashboard by clicking on the “Self-Book” button on the left-hand side of the blue bar above your calendar. Follow the steps in the image below:

You can then go on to review individual calendar bookings by clicking on the blue “Review” link on the right side of of the Starter “Self-Book” Template or Custom “Self-Book” Template sections in the “Self-Book” Dashboard. This blue link will say one of four things: Review Appointments, Review Suggestions, Review Requests, and Review Signups. Each of these links corresponds with the type of Self-Book template that you used.

After you have clicked on one of those blue links for the Calendar bookings that you want to see, you will be taken to the “Review Bookings” panel. In the Review Bookings panel, you can see all of the information that Visitors submitted when they booked an Event on your Calendar. You can also see what Event that person has booked, the time they booked it, and their current booking status (Pending, Accepted, Rejected, etc.).

It was also this panel where you can approve or reject any bookings, suggestions, reservations, or sign-ups on your Calendar. See the image below: