Every Keep&Share account comes with five starter “Self-Book” Templates, which determine how a Calendar Visitor can Self-Book an Event on your Calendar. These five templates are Book an Appointment, Sign Up for a Group Event, Make a Reservations, Suggest an Event, and Meeting. However, you can also modify one of these five template types to create your own signup form templates, messages, and more that are specific to your Calendar and your Events.

Creating a custom “Self-Book” Template

To create your own custom “Self-Book” Template, go to the “Self-Book” Dashboard (via the button in the blue bar above your calendar) and then click on the "Add Template" button in the upper left-hand corner of your “Self-Book” Dashboard.

You have now opened the Customized “Self-Book” Template Editor when you select which type of built-in template you'd like to base your customized template upon, and a range of options you can customize from there.

The “Self-Book” Template Editor let you select your choice of:

Learn more about how to enable your new custom templates in your calendar.

Learn more about Self-Book in the Setting up Self-Book solutions folder.