The “Self-Book” feature lets someone viewing your calendar self-book an Event on your Calendar. Once you have set up Self-Book on your Calendar, you will have full control over any bookings or suggested Events by setting up and managing these submissions from your “Review Bookings” dashboard. To set up your Self-Book feature, you must do the following:

  1. Upgrade your account & Purchase the Self-Book feature - You must have a paid Solo or Team account in order to add “Self-Book” to your account.
  2. Set the sharing on your Calendar - Either publicly or with a select share list depending on who you’d like to self-book on your calendar.
  3. Set up your Self-Book templates - You can choose one of our starter Self-Book templates to add to your Calendar or you can customize your own template.
  4. Add one of your Self-Book templates to your Calendar - You will need to choose which type of booking you'd like to set up in your Calendar or Event.  Please see the image below for the types of Self-Book templates you can add. For more information on which types of “Self-Book” templates are available, check out the “Self-Book” Templates page.
  5. Manage your Bookings - You can see everyone who has signed up for your Events and the information they entered by using the “Review Bookings” screen.

Learn more about Self-Book in the Setting up Self-Book solutions folder.