The Keep&Share Calendar system is not designed for Events to last past midnight — this is one of the ways the Calendar is very high performing and fast, even if you put thousands of Events into it. However, when you schedule an event that runs past midnight it will appear like a two-day repeating event in your calendar. In the image below you see an event that starts at 10:00pm but lasts until 1:00am.

Note in the image above that the event now shows on two days. On the second day, the ellipsis (...) before the event indicates that this is an event continued from the day before. 

If you do not want your event that runs past midnight to appear on the second day we suggest that you do not add an end time to your event and instead indicate in the event title when the event ends. See the image below:

Learn more about creating, editing, and connecting your Events by visiting the Event solutions folder.