Day Notes are free-form calendar entries that can store up to 20 pages of text information in any date in your Calendar. You can format your day note text using the range of tools available in the Keep&Share word processor. There is one Day Note available per date on your Calendar.

Creating a Day Note in your Calendar

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You can create a Day Note by clicking on the "+" icon on a  date in your Calendar and then click on the "Edit the Day note" option. This will open the Day Editor. In the pop-up dialog start typing your notes into the text field. If you click on the white space or the "Add a new Event" option it will open the Event Editor, which is what you use to add Events to your Calendar. See the image below:

In the Day Editor, you can add and format your Day Note text in the white box in the pop-up Day Note editor. Text formatting, hyperlink, and image options are available in the icon bar above the text box where you type in your Day Note. You can scroll over each of these icons to see a pop-up tooltip that explains what that icon does.

If you would like to expand the Day Editor for extra viewing, click the expand button in the top bar. 

To save your day note, you can click the green "Save" button at the bottom of the Day Editor. To close the Day Editor without saving a Day Note draft, click on the "Cancel" button.

Tip: You can also use Events in your calendar to create calendar entries that are structured around a scheduled time. Events also come with options to connect to your email, phone, and other calendars.

To learn more on creating, editing, and making the most of your Day Notes, visit the Day Note solutions folder.