A Calendar Notification is a message sent to your friend's Dashboard when a changes are made to your Calendar.Think of Notifications as Keep&Share's version of "You've got mail!" Instead of you having to visit each of your friend's accounts and look at all their shared information and try to notice what's new, use the Notifications list on your Dashboard to see the very latest information they're sharing with you.

Notifications tell you whenever your friends have created, edited or commented on items you might be interested in. These Notifications will appear in the purple “Inbox” in the center of your Dashboard screen. You simply click on any Notification to instantly see the new information. In order to for you or your friends to receive notifications however, you need to set up your Calendar to both send and receive Notifications.

From there you can send Notifications to friends on your Share List, and they can edit the frequency of Notifications they receive by adjusting their email settings screen. Below is how Notifications will look in the Inbox on your Dashboard:

Learn how you can both send and receive Calendar Notifications from your share list in the Calendar Notifications solutions folder.