A Calendar Notification is a message sent to your Dashboard when your friend makes changes to his/her calendar that is shared with you, or vice-versa. You can receive a calendar Notification from your friend by adding them to your Share List, setting up your email settings to receive Notifications, and ensuring that their calendar is set to send Notifications.

Once Notifications are properly set up, Notifications on your Dashboard will be updated automatically whenever someone creates, edits or comment on something in your friend’s Calendar that is shared with you.

Setting up your Calendar to Receive Notifications

First, make sure that your friend's Calendar is shared with you. To check, click on "Friends" in the blue bar towards the top of your screen. Then, click on your friend's account name and click on the blue "Calendars" link on the right-hand side of the screen. This will take you to your friend's account and you can see the calendars they've shared with you. If the calendar you want notifications about doesn't appear under the list of shared calendars in your friend's account ask your friend to share the calendar with you using that calendar's Share Control.

Add the friends you would like to receive Notifications from to your Share List by either using the Friends dialog, or adding them manually via the Blank sharing field.

Then, in your “My Account” screen, click on the Manage Subscriptions section. This will open the Manage Subscriptions screen.

Here you can paste your friend’s Account Name into the “My Subscriptions to Others' Public Shares” section. Then just click the “Add a subscription” button.

Note: You can receive Notifications from an account that isn't your friend's if you subscribe to receive Notifications from an account that is publicly shared and is sending out Notifications.

Managing the Notifications you Receive:

The Notifications that you receive in your Dashboard will automatically update themselves to the most recent version of the calendar they are updating, so that you are seeing the most up to date version of changes made to your friends calendar.

If you not logging in and viewing their Notifications, you will be emailed a periodic summary of all un-viewed Notifications to your friend's calendar. You can manage the frequency in which your Notifications are updated and sent in the email settings screen of your account.

Learn how you can both send and receive Calendar Notifications from your share list in the Calendar Notifications solutions folder.