If you have a Team Account with Keep&Share, you can use the Team Console to manage your accounts. This includes managing current Team members as well as adding new Team members.

Note: You only have access to the Admin Console if you are the “Master Account” for a Team account.

Accessing your Team Console for Team Accounts

To access your Team Console click on the User Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your account screen. See the image below:

Using the Team Console

When you first log into the Team Console, you will see under the “Accounts on this Team Plan” heading how many accounts your Team account has. As the “Master Account” for your Team account you can individual assign the number of benefits each account will receive.

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Here is a detailed list of what features you can choose to enable or disable for your Team:

  • Enable Team Friends List - All accounts in this Team account are listed on each other's Friends List automatically. This is to make sharing with other team members easier. You can disable this feature if you like.
  • Enable Team Share Group - All members of a Team account have a common Share Group. You can disable or change the name of the Share Group here. Unless disabled, this Share Group will appear in every one of your Team member's accounts. This group will automatically show up anywhere you can share information in Keep&Share.
  • Enable Automatic Group Sharing - This feature automatically shares all Share Groups created in the master account with all of the member accounts.
  • Set the default Home Application for new accounts -  You can configure your accounts to show a specific Keep&Share application screen when they log in, such as calendar or photo, by checking this box. This “Home Application” will be the first screen they see after logging in. The default Home Application is the Keep&Share Dashboard.
    Choose the “master account” if you want your sub-accounts‘ Home Application to be one that is inside of your account. For instance, if you want them to see a calendar from your account as their Home Application, check the master account option. Be sure to set sharing with your team account Share Group.
  • Set which applications are visible for new accounts - This allows you to set the initial list of which Keep&Share applications are visible to your sub-accounts when they are created. Each seat account may customize the applications visible after they have logged in.
  • Allow accounts to change their account name - Allow Team members access to change their account name themselves. If disabled, you can still change account names from this control panel but Team members will not be able to change their own account name.
  • Allow accounts to change their password - Allow Team members access to change their password themselves. If disabled, you can still change passwords from this control panel but Team members will not be able to change their own password.

All of the members of your Team account will be listed in alphabetical order below the master account, which will always be listed first.

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