When you invite Friends or Share Groups to your Meetings, your invitees will receive an email from your Keep&Share account notifying them of your Meeting. Your invitees will receive this email notification whether you make the Meeting optional or required.

In this Meeting invitation email, there is an orange button that your invitees can click on to see the Meeting details in a new browser window. They will have the ability to RSVP yes or no in this new window and also have the ability to enter any comments or notes into a text field.

The comments that your invitees send to you will be available in the “Attendees” list in your calendar, which you can access by clicking on the blue “Attendees” link next to your Meeting in your calendar. When the "Attendees” list pop-up dialog appears, you can see that there is an arrow icon to the right of each attendee in your list. You can click on this arrow icon to see another pop-up dialog that will show your invitee’s comments. Please see the image below: