In order for you to be able to see files and other information in another person’s Keep&Share account, the owner of the information in that account must do one of two things:

  1. Share that information publicly
  2. Share that information with you using limited sharing

Accessing Public Information

If information in a Keep&Share account is shared publicly that means that anyone, regardless of whether they have a Keep&Share account or not, can access that information if they have the link to that information. To easily access that public information, you can subscribe to that person’s account. Subscribing tells Keep&Share to “please notify me of Public shares.”

After you have subscribed to that account, you will receive Notifications of any new or editing publicly shared information from that account. You can view these Notifications on your account’s Dashboard.

Learn more about creating links to your Keep&Share applications.

Accessing Private information

“Limited Sharing” is when you select a specific list of people to share with your information with. This also means that the individuals that you share with must be logged into a Keep&Share account in order to see your information.

When information is shared with you privately, there are three places you will be able to access that information

  1. As a Notification on your Dashboard
  2. By accessing your Friends List in the blue bar
  3. By using the "Friends” tab on your Dashboard
Note: You will need to add your friend’s Account Name to your Friends List in order to see them in your "Friends” tab and in your “Friends’ Share Pages.”