Every account is required to have at least one valid email address. To ensure that the email address is valid, you are required to verify the address by clicking on a link in a verification email we send you. This includes if you change your preferred email address. Learn more about adding email addresses to your account. If you have problems verifying, see this help screen on resolving verification problems.

Using your email addresses for Keep&Share notifications

On the Email Settings page you will see a list of emails that have been selected to receive notifications and the type of notifications from your Keep&Share account. Keep&Share sends private information from your account to the listed destinations. Do not enter other people's email addresses or phone numbers, unless you want them to have full access to everything in your account including your password.

This account has one mobile phone number and two email addresses on it:

In the example above, the user has opted to have most message types sent to the “chuck.roper” email, and in addition to have Calendar and To Do Reminders sent to a mobile number and one chuck.roper@gmail.com. Note that the “johnsmith@gmail.com” email is pending verification - the user needs to find the verification email and click on the link.

Types of Notifications your emails can receive


Keep&Share Calendar Events and ToDo have a powerful reminder feature. When you create or edit a reminder, you can specify for that reminder whether you want it to go to only your email, only to your mobile number, or both. Be sure you have both email and mobile set up to receive “Calendar & To Do Reminders”.

In the Email Settings you can also choose whether or not other members on Keep&Share can find you in our Friend Finder using your personal phone number and email address. Uncheck this box if you do not want an e-mail address to be used to find your account. Learn more about Reminders.

Only account owners can receive calendar event reminders via text message. The “Send a Copy” options on event reminders will only send email copies, not text messages, to the people on your Share Control or in the list of friends.

Email vs. Mobile Messages

Keep&Share can send almost all of its messages to either or both an email address or mobile phone. When we send a message to the mobile phone, it is sent as a text message, and we strip it down to its bare essentials to keep it as short as possible. Your mobile phone provider determines exactly how many characters they allow in each message and whether they will use several messages if necessary.

Learn more about how to add mobile numbers to your Email Settings.