You can easily send messages and attach items from your account to those messages by using our “Send Message” feature. The “Send Message” link is always located in the blue bar at the top of your screen no matter where you are in your Keep&Share account. When you click on the “Send Message” link, a new pop-up dialog will appear. In this dialog you can choose as many Friends or Share Groups as you would like to send the message to, write your message, and your message will appear in the email inboxes of your friends.

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If you want to send a message with one of Table Document attached to the email you will first need to navigate to Table Document that you want to send and then click on the “Send Message” link in the blue bar. You will also need to make sure the box next to “Attachments” is checked before you send the message. See the image below:

Once you click on the “Send Message” link, the “Send Message” pop-up dialog will open and you will need to make sure that the box next to “Attachments” is checked. See the image below:

When your friends receive the email, all they have to do is click on the link in the email body, and they will be taken directly to your shared information. This email is a great way to help tell your friends about new information in your account.

Be sure to set the Share Control on the item so your friends will have permission to view it. The “Email This” button sends a URL link but it does not set the Share Control so they can view the item.