You can create a link to your individual Table Document that you can share with anyone or post anywhere on the internet. This link will be specific to your Table Document and it will lead directly to the table in your Keep&Share account.

Note: You can only share live links of your Table Documents to members of your Share List. To make links to your Table Document accessible to anyone online, your Table Document would have to be Publicly Shared.

Linking to Table Documents created in Keep&Share

At the bottom of your Table Document you'll notice that there are two URL options. The first is the main URL link that looks like an average website link. The second URL, the short URL, is also available for copying.

The short URL is a shorter version of the first URL listed. The reason we give you a shorter URL option is that sometimes short URLs are easier to work with. For social media services that have limited characters such as Twitter, short URLs give you the ability to post links using as few characters as possible. Short URLs are also easier to use in emails. Sometimes if a longer URL is split into two lines on an email the URL can may lead to the wrong address as part of the link has been cut off.

To learn more about creating a link to your Documents, visit the Keep&Share Developer site.