The “Welcome Message” is a custom section on your Share Page that you can create and edit and it will also be displayed to any Visitors to your account. You can use this section as an introduction, a welcome message, or any instructions you feel that your Visitors need to know. By default, the initial screen is the Welcome Message.

The Welcome Message is a simple way to give your Visitors easy access to your most popular or frequently accessed content in your Keep&Share account. Find your most popular Keep&Share content (by the most Views, Comments, etc.) by using the Reports option on the Dashboard and you can share that information on your Share Page.

You can set up your Welcome Message by using the “Create” option in your Share Page settings. Once you click on the blue “Create” link in your Share Page settings, the “Create Wizard” help you to create a new Welcome Message with up to four photos. The Create Wizard will create a custom page from scratch, prompting you for colors, photos, title, and any descriptive text you want.

Accessing the “Create Wizard” for your Welcome Message

Creating your Welcome Message

The “Create Wizard” will walk you through four steps of selecting colors, photos, and text for your Welcome Message.

Unique Share Page URL

Every Keep&Share account has a built-in Share Page that can be accessed with a URL that includes your Account Name. Your Account Name (the same name that you use to log into your account) will be listed as the first part of the Share Page URL. See the example below:

This unique URL will be listed at the top of your Share Page settings located in the “My Account” section.

Learn more about how to format your Welcome Message text.