Just like the desktop version of Keep&Share that you access on your computer, you can use Calendar Views to navigate between Events on Keep&Share mobile. There are four Calendar Views on your mobile Calendar: Day, Event, Go To, and Today. All of these Calendar Views will show different amounts or layouts of your Event information.

Switching between mobile Calendar Views

To switch between different views in your mobile Calendar, you can click on the gray arrow button in the upper right-hand corner of your mobile screen.

Mobile Calendar “Day” View

In the Day View of your mobile Calendar, you can see all of the Events you have in one day. The Events are divided up by blocks of time so you can easily see when you have free time and when you have Events scheduled.

You can use the arrows at the top of your Calendar to navigate to other days. Tap on the date box (ex. July 19th, 2014) to return to today's date in your mobile Calendar.

Mobile Calendar "Month" View

The mobile "Month" view shows you a small version of the month that you are currently viewing. The orange dots represent events on your calendar. To see more details of the events that you have on a particular day, all you need to do is tap on a day in your calendar and the “Event” view of that day will appear below the month. 

Mobile Calendar “Event” View

The mobile Event View is the other mobile Calendar View you can use to see all of your Event information. It is also in this view that you can add, edit, or delete Event information in your Calendar. Event view will show you all of your Events and Event details for two weeks at a time. Your Events are divided by day, making it easy to check your schedule for several days in advance.

Note: If you are using Event View, you will stay in Event view event after creating or editing any Calendar data, even if you have been using the Go To view to get to the Calendar data you are modifying.

Mobile Calendar "Go To" View

In the “Go To” view of your mobile Calendar you can navigate through months and years. You can use this view to navigate between days in a month. If you want to see the Events for a single day in the Month view, you can tap on that individual day and the Calendar View will switch to the Day View for your selected day.

If you want to see a full year of your mobile Calendar, you can click on the blue “Show Full Year” link at the top of your Calendar in “Go To” view. You can tap on an individual month which will switch you to the month view for the selected month, and then you can tap on the individual day to view the Event information for that day.

Mobile Calendar Today View

The mobile Calendar Today View is for navigating back to today's date. Whatever Calendar View or day you happen to be in at the time, you can select the “Today View” to return to today’s date. You can also click on the date listed at the top of your mobile Calendar (ex. July 29th, 2014) to return to today's date as well.