When you are using the Table Structure Panel to format the layout of your Table Document, you have the option of choosing what type of content will go into each of your columns. A “date column” is a type of column that you can choose in the Table Structure Panel. By choosing “date” as your type of column, you are choosing what type of information that particular column will have in your final Table Document.

The “date” column type is for choosing and adding dates to your Table Document. When you have a column in your Table Document that is using the date column type, you can click on a cell in your final table and a pop-up calendar will appear. You can select your date from this pop-up calendar and quickly navigate through months using the arrow keys, by clicking on the month name, or the year.

Selecting the date column type

By default, your date format will be listed as month/day/year (ex. 01/25/80). However, you have the option of changing the date format to your preference using URL parameters. Learn more about date formatting.

Using date columnsOnce you have made date columns, you can click on the individual cells in your Table Document to use the pop-up calendar. You can select dates and navigate through your calendar using arrows, by clicking on the month name (“October”) or on the year (“2011”).

To edit the date format in your date column in the Table Structure Panel, learn more about the Extra Type Info column.