When you are using the Table Structure Panel to format the layout of your Table Document, you have the option of choosing what type of content will go into each of your columns. A “text column” is a type of column that you can choose in the Table Structure Panel. By choosing “text column” as your type of column, you are choosing what type of information that particular column will have in your final Table Document.

The text column is the most basic of all of the column types. When you select “text” as the type of column, you can type any text information you want into that column in your Table Document.

For example, if you have a Table Document filled with client information with a column each for name, address, email, etc. then your best option would be to select “text” as the column type for each of those columns. Please see the example below:

By selecting “text” as the column type in the Table Structure Panel you are able to enter all of the necessary information for your clients.