The “Edit Table Structure and Colors” screen is where you control the appearance and structure of your Table Document by using three different section tabs on the screen. These sections are the Structure Panel, the Colors & Fonts Panel, and the Sharing Options Panel. You can use all three of these panels to control the content of your Table Document, adjust the colors on your Table Document, and choose what kinds of rights that people you share your table with will have.

At the top of the “Edit Table Structure and Colors” screen you can also see a live preview of what your Table Document will look like when you make changes to your table using one of the three tabs.

Note: While you can enter information into the rows in the Preview Panel, this is only a preview of how your table will look. Any data edits that you make in the Preview Panel will be discarded.If you want to add information to your table, you will need to save your Table Document and then click on the green “Edit Content” button on the left-hand side of the screen.

There are two ways you can access the Table Structure and Colors screen:

  1. when you create a new Table Document
  2. when you want to edit your Table Document

Table Structure and Colors - Creating a New Table Document

Table Structure and Colors - Editing a Table Document

When you are editing a Table Document, the first screen you see will be for editing only the content of the Table Document. In order to change any of the structure or appearance of the Table Document, you will still need to access the Table Structure and Colors screen by clicking on the “Table Builder” button. See the image below: