You can download or export any spreadsheet file or database file that you have from your computer into Keep&Share. Keep&Share can store any type of PC or Mac native file. All Table Documents that you want to export into Keep&Share must be in .CSV format. This is a standard file format for any spreadsheets from other programs such as Excel.

Note that “CSV formatted” is used as short hand for text files that confirm the following rules:

  • One row per line (with or without column names in row one).
  • Cells in each row separated by a separator character (comma, semicolon, or tab).
  • Any cell containing a separator must be enclosed by double-quotes.
  • If a cell contains a double-quote character, that is “escaped” by being preceded by another double-quote. For example (ex. The book “David Copperfield” was written by Charles Dickens) would be placed in the file as this: The book ““David Copperfield”” was written by Charles Dickens

How to export a Table Document as a .CSV file

The export pop-up dialog give you the following options for your .CSV file:

  • Include Titles: if you check this box in the dialog, the exported CSV file will include column titles as the first row in the CSV file.
  • Include Hidden Columns: this option is only shown to you if you have edit rights to the table, since hidden columns are only visible to users with edit rights. If you check this box in the dialog, the exported CSV file will include any columns marked as ”hidden.“
  • Separator Character: pick between comma, semicolon, and tab characters. Different programs you transfer to may prefer different separators. If you're not sure, comma is a good default choice.
  • Exported in Displayed Order: The table will be exported in the displayed order. So, if it is sorted, it will export in sorted order.