The first time you share an item with someone they are always sent a Notification. In addition, if you have the “Alert Friends” box checked (see below), these actions generate Notifications:

  1. Edits to a Calendar.
  2. Edits to a File, Document, Photo Album, Folder or other item that was already shared with others.
  3. Someone posts a comment.

In order to share an item with your Friends in Keep&Share you have to list the item as “Public” or you can select individual Friends or Share Groups. Learn more about changing the Share Status of an item in the Share Control. A Notification to others is never generated when you are viewing your own information.

Alert Friends

Notifications on a shared item are only sent if you check the box "Send change notifications to shares" that appears in the Share Control.

The “Send change notifications to shares” box is checked by default. When it is checked, everyone in the Share List receives notifications in their Dashboard. The Notification message includes your account name, the title of the item, the time of the edit, and a link to the item.

Likewise, whenever anyone creates, edits or comments on an item that they have shared with you, and the "Send change notifications to shares" checkbox is checked, a Notification message will appear in the Fresh Shares section on your Dashboard.

To stop Notifications from being sent to anyone, just uncheck the "Send change notifications..." checkbox in the Share Control of the item.  Learn more about sharing publicly, limited sharing, and private sharing.