When you are editing a Document or creating a new Document you have the option of saving that Document as a Stationery Document. This means if your Document is in a particular format or you need to create a template that you will need to reuse, you can save that template as a Stationery Document. This allows you to use that template as many times as you need without having to rebuild that template from scratch.

After you have checked the box next to “Stationery” in the upper left, two fields named "Stationery Description” and “Stationery Keywords” will appear at the bottom of your Document. Be sure to fill these fields to help yourself and others you share your template with to find and understand your Stationery.

If you need to edit your Stationery Template, just go to the Folder where you saved your template and click the blue “edit” link next to it. It will work exactly like editing any other Document.

Tip: Place all of your custom Stationery Templates in a separate folder. It is a good practice is to create a Folder in your account called “My Stationery” (or something like that). Keep your Stationery Documents in this Folder, so they are separate from the rest of your working Folders, and easy to find.