There are three ways that you can create a Document within Keep&Share: by using the command bar at the top of your Document folder, by clicking on the gray “New Document” link in the blue bar above your Document folder, or by clicking on the gray “New Document” button at the bottom of your Document Folder.

Follow the directions in the image below:

Once you have clicked on one of these three commands, you will open a the pop-up “New Document” dialog. The New Document dialog gives you a number of options. Notice that the dialog has two tabs at the top. You will mostly work in the “New Document” tab; use the “Manage Stationery” tab to control your stationery list.

When creating a new File in Keep&Share, you have the option of four formats of blank documents to choose from: New Word Processor Document, New Smartphone Document, New Table Document, and Import Table Document.

Creating Types of Files

The Word Processor Document creates a new document with all of Keep&Share’s web word processing features. This includes bold face and font styling, hyperlinks, images, formatting, spell checking, and more.

The Smartphone Document creates a new document that will work with any smartphone browser. Smart phone documents are in plain text (which means, no formatting options), but they can be created and edited on smartphones, iPads, laptops, and desktop computers. If you want to keep simple notes that can be edited on any device, use Smartphone Documents.

The Table Documents creates a table document that can create dozens or thousands of rows of information. Use tables to manage lists and “flat files” for all kinds of information like membership rosters, small databases, check lists, project data, expense logs, and more.

The Import Table Document allows you to import a table document from an external .CSV file. For example, you can save your Excel file as a .CSV file and then use the Import Table command to bring the .CSV file in as a live, editable table in your Keep&Share document.

Stationery Templates

The right-side “Stationery” panel lists reusable Stationery. Stationery documents are documents that already have some structure and formatting to them. Think of them as reusable templates. They are a good way to quickly create certain types of documents without having to create them from scratch.

At the top of the right-side “Stationery” panel are two choices:

  • Show Keep&Share Stationery: displays a list of Keep&Share’s built-in stationery.
  • Show My Stationery: displays your own customized list of Stationery documents. Click on the “Manage Stationery” tab at the top of the dialog to customize your list.

Learn how to create and use your own Stationery.