When you are printing your Table Documents, you can further customize your PDF printout of your Table Document using print codes. These print codes will go into any of the “Header” or “Footer” text boxes in the pop-up print dialog. See the image below:

Place the following printing codes in any of the Header or Footer boxes (left, center or right). Codes may be combined:

  • &p - the current page number
  • &P - the total number of pages
  • &U - full url to the printed document or calendar (e.g., https://www.keepandshare.com/doc/4402151/header-footer-specifications )
  • &u - short url to the printed document or calendar ( /doc/4402151/header-footer-specifications )
  • &N - name of the printed document or calendar ( header footer specifications )
  • &d1 - current date as m/d/yyyy (8/16/2012)
  • &d2 - current date as d/m/yyyy (16/8/2012)
  • &d3 - current date as d.m.yyyy (16.8.2012)
  • &d4 - current date as d-m-yyyy (16-8-2012)
  • &d5 - current date as yyyy-mm-dd (2012-8-16)
  • &d6 - current date as yyyy.mm.dd (2012.8.16)
  • &t1 - current time as h:mm [am|pm] (2:01 PM)
  • &t2 - current time as 24 hour time (14:01)
  • && - a single ampersand character - this should be used if the context would conflict with one of these combinations. For example: “Shop at A&P Markets” would have to be entered as “Shop at A&&P Markets” to avoid have the “&P” interpreted as the “total number of pages” combination. If it was entered as “Shop at A & P Markets,” there would be no conflict so the & would not have to be doubled.

Default Header & Footer Print Codes:

  • &N in top left header prints the full name of the printed document or calendar.
  • &d1 in top right header prints today's date in m/d/yyyy format.
  • &U in bottom left footer prints the full url to the printed document or calendar.
  • Page &p of &P in bottom right footer prints page numbering in style of “Page 2 of 5.”