When you are printing your Table Documents, you do so by generating a PDF using the print dialog box. You have the option of customizing your PDF printouts of your Table Document using the settings in this print dialog.

The print dialog settings include:

  • Repeat Column Header: if your printout is more than 1 page long, each page will start with the column titles repeated at the top of the page.
  • Scale to Width: will automatically fit large table printouts to be narrow enough to fit to the width of your paper.
  • Black and White: forces the PDF printout to be all black and white. A good way to save expensive color ink if your table has colors.
  • Include Hidden: if you have edit rights to the table you will see this option. Check this box if you want hidden columns included in the print out.
  • Save as File: check this box if you want your PDF print out saved directly as a file to your computer's hard drive.
  • Orientation: Landscape or Portrait.
  • Font: Arial, Serif or Sans-Serif fonts.
  • Font Size: five sizes ranging from “Smaller” to “Larger.” Choose smaller font sizes to get more text to appear on a page.
  • Paper Size: common U.S. and European paper sizes.
  • Title: the calendar or document name.
  • Header: left, center and right fields appear at top of every printout page.
  • Footer: left, center and right fields appear at bottom of every printout page.
  • Save as File: the print PDF will be saved as a file instead of opening as a tab in your browser.

Customize All of Your Printouts

Whenever you change print dialog settings such as check boxes or header and footer values, Keep&Share automatically “remembers” your settings and fills them in for all future printing, no matter which Keep&Share application.

Therefore, customize your header and footers and print settings just the way you like them in one application -- the same print settings will be available in all other calendars, document and table printing.

You can also customize the settings of your Table Document printout using print codes.