You have maximum control over the appearance of your Table Document. When it comes to editing your Table Documents, there's three different types of editing that you can do: editing the table structure, editing the table content, and editing how the table looks. Keep&Share gives you many tools to make changing all aspects of your Table Document as easy as possible.

Changing Table Document Structure

You can change your Table Document structure by adding rows and columns. You will primarily use two screens when it comes to changing your columns: the Table Structure Panel and the Table Document Preview Panel. The Table Structure panel will add and change your columns and the Preview Panel will show you how your Table Document will look after you make your changes. Learn more about creating and editing columns.

Your Table Document rows can be modified by using an editing screen that is similar to editing a regular Document within Keep&Share. Learn more about creating rows and editing rows.

Changing Table Document Content

Like when you create rows within your Table Document, you can use the same editing screen to change the content of your Table Document. Please note that the editing screen that you find will be the only way you can change the content of your Table Document. Learn more about editing your Table Document content.

Changing Table Document Appearance

You can control how your Table Document looks using the Table Attribute Panel. On this panel you can change the Table Document colors, the fonts, and you can also designate a specific width to your columns. You can also use the Table Attribute Panel to assign specific editing and viewing rights to others that you share your Table Document with.