When you are editing the structure of a Table Document, you will be taken to the “Edit Table Structure & Colors” screen. At the top of this screen there will be a live preview of how your Table Document will look once you make edits. Below this preview there are three tabs that you can use to change the appearance of your table: the Structure Panel, the Colors & Fonts Panel, and the Sharing Options Panel

If you want to change columns or add new columns, you will need to use the Structure panel.

Note: By default only the account owner is allowed to change the Table Document structure

The “Structure Panel” is the first of the three panels that you will see on the Table Document editing screen. This panel is responsible for the following actions:

  • adding new columns
  • delete existing columns
  • move selected columns up or down
  • edit columns type
  • edit column name
  • edit column width

In the Structure Panel you will see eight categories of information for organizing your columns: Col ID, Name, Display Width, Type, Extra Type Info, Alignment, Sortable, and Hidden.

  • Col ID - This number is a unique number that is assigned to each one of your columns.
  • Name - This is the title you give each column.
  • Display Width - This number indicates how wide the final column will be. The measurement is given in pixels.
  • Type - Type indicates what type of information will be going in the final column such as text, number, date, etc. Learn more about column types.
  • Extra Type Info - Extra type information that lists the parameters of column types.
  • Alignment - You can choose to align the information in your columns to the right, left, or center.

The darker color on a row indicated that row is selected (in this example it is blue). You can select a row by clicking on it. When you click on a Table Document cell, it will have a dotted black line around the cell to indicate it has been selected.

Sortable and hidden columns

On the right-hand side of the Structure Panel you will see two columns labeled “Sortable” and “Hidden.” If you click the check box in either of these columns, you can control how certain Table Document columns will act when they are being viewed by someone other than you. Learn more about hidden columns.

By clicking the check box “Sortable” next to your column IDs, you choose whether or not others can sort your Table Document information by that column. By clicking the check box next to “Hidden” you can choose whether or not that column will be visible when others are viewing your Table Document. Learn more about sortable columns.

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