With the Keep&Share mobile website you can do almost everything that you can do from the Keep&Share website that you access on your computer. With the mobile website, your Keep&Share account is optimized and size for mobile browsers allowing you to move quickly through your information. This makes the Keep&Share mobile website ideal for use on iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.

You can also access all of your applications on Keep&Share mobile: Calendars, Documents, Photo Albums, Bookmarks, Addresses, and To Do Lists. You will also have many of the same functions as you would on the regular version of Keep&Share.


  • Access your Keep&Share account and all of your information.
  • Easy fast viewing.
  • Add notes to your Calendars, add Events, create Documents
  • View shares and comments from your friends.
  • All information and updates will always be synchronized in real time between your mobile device and other computers.
  • View a list of recently edited items in your account.
  • Create Folders for organizing in any of your applications


Because Android mobile devices do not allow rich-text editing in their browsers (i.e., word processing style editing with fonts), the mobile version of Keep&Share does not provide our full web word processor or the ability to edit your Calendar Day Boxes. Instead, we allow you the ability to quickly add simple text notes and events and to create/edit “smart phone documents” which are plain text.

If you are using Android, you can still change the font color, highlight color, bold font, add links, and add icons to your Calendar Events and Day Boxes.

Learn more about using your applications on Keep&Share mobile.