Use Keep&Share’s Folders to categorize your addresses, making it easier to organize, find, and share your information. Folders work identically in the File, Photo, Address, Discuss and Bookmark applications. To Do “List Sets” are very similar to Folders as well.

It is a good idea to take a few minutes and create a number of Folders to organize your information. For instance, if you are managing your business and personal information, you might create folders such as “Business,” “Family,” “Friends,” etc.

Two Levels of Organization

All of your address are kept under the “Addresses” tab in the Left Panel of your Keep&Share account. The Folder Sets and Folders are arranged in alphabetical order.

The “Addresses” tab provides two levels of organization: yellow “Folder sets” a.k.a. “Address Books” and manila “Folders”

  1. Top level Folders with yellow letter icons called Folder Sets or Address Books.
  2. Second level Folders with manila Folder icons.

You can turn the manila Folder display under Address Books on and off using the “[+/-]” command next to each Address Book name. You can rename a Folder or Address Book by clicking the gray pencil icon next to the Address Book’s name.

Creating Folders

A handy way to move a Folder up to the top of the Folder list is to put a number or an asterisk “*” first in the Folder name. Ex. “1 Folder” or “*Folder.”

Creating Folder Sets