The time zone that you set in your Account Settings will be for your entire Keep&Share account. The Calendar, Calendar Reminders, and Task Reminders all have actions that depend on time of day and they will be controlled by the time zone. You can only choose one time zone. However, you can also set a time zone for each individual Calendar in your account. Learn more about setting Calendar time zones.

Setting your account time zone

By default the time zone for your account will be set to Pacific Standard time, since this is where the Keep&Share servers are located.

The blue link after the “Your account is set to” shows the current time zone that your account is set to. Click the blue “Default timezone” link to change your time zone. You can also change these by clicking on the date/time at the top of the page.

When you click on the blue link, you get the pop-up dialog below:

After setting your preferred time zone, click on the “OK” button. To cancel the settings you've selected without changing, click the “Close” button. Learn more about setting the time/date format for your account.