Your “Email Settings” in your account are where you can choose what information and notices that Keep&Share emails to you, and how frequently we email you. We give you the option of receiving email messages from us when you get new Account Messages, Calendar and ToDo Messages, Share Notifications, and Messages from other friends on Keep&Share.

Types of messages you can receive:

  • Account Messages: Account status information including the “Forgot Account Name” and “Forgot Password Commands”, subscription-related emails, and Keep&Share News emails (announcements of new features, user tips, etc.)
  • Calendar & Todo Reminders: Event Reminders for both Calendar Events and ToDo tasks, and the “Email This Calendar” command.
  • Share Notifications: Dashboard Notifications of Shares and Comments.
  • Reports: Reports on Visitors to your account, automatic Calendar backups, and when files and/or photos are emailed into your account.
  • Messages from Others: Choose whether or not to receive messages from other accounts on Keep&Share.

Email Settings also give you the option of choosing:

You can select the option "Findable" to choose whether or not other members on Keep&Share can find you in our Friend Finder using your personal phone number and email address. Uncheck this box if you do not want an e-mail address to be used to find your account.

Finding your Email Settings

Your “Email Settings” can be accessed by clicking on the User Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and then clicking on the blue "My Account" button when you are logged into your Keep&Share account. Follow the steps in the image below:

The Email Settings is not where you can “Share” information from your account with others. Learn more about “Share Control.”