Keep&Share gives you many options for managing what information you share as well as who you share it with. There are three Share Statuses that your information can have: Private, Limited, and Public. By default only you will be able to see any new information (Calendars, Files, etc.) that you create on Keep&Share. If there is information that you do not want to share publicly you can share that information privately with select Friends, Share Groups, and Team Members that you’ve added to your account. This information can be found under the Share List.


The “Friends List” is a list of Keep&Share Account Names that you want to “keep at your fingertips” to make it easy to share with them and/or Visit their accounts. Learn more about the Friends List.

Share Groups

If you share information repeatedly with the same set of friends, you can save time by creating a “Share Group.” Share groups can include unlimited number of users, and can be used again and again to share many Files, Photo Albums, and other Keep&Share information. Learn more about Share Groups.


“Teams” are Keep&Share accounts that allow multiple members to manage the information under one account. A Team account has a maximum number of “seats” or slots allowed for additional members that are all managed under one “master account.” Learn more about Teams.

Invite a Friend

The “Invite a Friend” command allows your friends to create free Keep&Share logins. Each friend receives an email telling them you want to share information with them. Learn more about Invite a Friend.